For over 25 years, Chovevei Zion has continued the tradition of it’s predecessors, by fostering and maintaining the spiritual, cultural, social, and communal activities towards the advancement and perpetuation of traditional Torah-true Judaism; and to instill into the American Jewish Community the understanding and appreciation of the high ethical and spiritual values of Judaism and demonstrate the compatibility of the ancient faith of Israel and Zionism, joining with it good Americanism.


Chovevei Zion’s various activities promoting and defending Americanism and Zionism include:
  • Advocating for Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
  • Strengthening the bond between liberty loving communities in the US and those in Israel.
  • Promoting lower taxes and regulation to promote economic growth.
  • Freedom of religious practice.
  • Promote free market economics.
Of course there is so much more.
But a strong Chovevei Zion is only possible when people like you generously support the only  Jewish organization that doe the work you  want it to do.
Please make a generous donation, and help us to continue doing the vital work we have been doing.